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8 years ago

from "Fear Factor" contestant to her own nude model website [with samples]

Though added some time ago, Meghan appears not to have had much attention. Herein then is her bio as listed at Wikipedia accompanied with samples from her newly launched website featuring all new and all nude pics and videos of her. Sample pics are for the most part in the 600 x 900 size with a few in the site's standard 1200 x 1800 size.

Meghan Allen (born November 12, 1980 in Meadville, Pennsylvania) is an American nude model and reality show contestant. She was Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Month for January 2008. Meghan first appeared on the NBC reality show "Fear Factor" in 2004. Together with James Wise, her boyfriend at the time, she competed in the Couples edition, doing 8 episodes of the show altogether.

Adult modeling career:
"The Women of Fear Factor" [or "Flesh Factor" as the layout is called at PCC]:
In February 2005 Meghan posed nude for Playboy, together with six other female contestants from the reality show "Fear Factor". Later that year she was also featured in Playboy's DVD "Women of Fear Factor". Although she appeared naked both in the pictorial and in the video, Meghan didn't show any lower frontal nudity.
For her appearances she was paid US$25,000.

Playboy Cyber Girl:
In September 2007 Meghan appeared fully nude in a Playboy Cyber Club pictorial as a Cyber Girl of the Week. This pictorial was well reviewed by Cyber Club members with many expecting her to become Cyber Girl of the Month, some even suggesting that she might make Cyber Girl of the Year. Soon enough she became Playboy's CGOM for January 2008, doing five explicit nude videos and several pictorials.

Originally appearing with natural size 32B breasts she had received an augmentation in October 2006 and is now a 34C. The reason for this choice is that she wanted her "clothing to fit better".

Life in Dallas:
Meghan currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Until recently, she was working as a barmaid, and hosted InsideTheBar TV, a Dallas based 10 minute show that highlights the latest in local nightlife there. On The Howard Stern Show on January 15th, 2009, Meghan stated she is dating New Jersey Nets basketball player Devin Harris.

In 2008 Allen was a participant in the reality show "Momma's Boys" on NBC.

The spring of 2009 has seen Meghan launching her very own website featuring all new nude pics and video sets.

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8 years ago


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