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9 years ago

"truth" to Lynda's topless pic revealed

Okay, here's the deal. For years now this partial photo has been rumored to possibly be a fake. Hell, even the supposed "Fake Detective" claims it to be fake, but like a few others I personally believe he is a dimwit with his head up his ass making himself famous by spouting nonsense which some times is right and could just as possibly some times be wrong. Anyway, on another forum I found this long discussion between two posters who were debating this matter. One guy posted the pic below and told how it was indeed an actual topless pic of Lynda that he had owned for over 20 some odd years and how the story was that Lynda had been involved in the filming of "Apocalypse Now" back when it first started. This was even confirmed by Colleen Camp in a Playboy article when she stated that Lynda had been cast in the role which Colleen herself eventually played and she said that Lynda had even already posed for the photo which was to be used as a mocked up centerfold of the Playmate character. She went on to say however that filming was slow in progressing and then a typhoon had wiped out all the sets in the Philippines where they had been filming and eventually Lynda was forced to give up the role in order to play Wonder Woman, which by the time the sets were rebuilt she had already began filming. Well the guy [who's message I will quote below] went on about how it was a fake and the Fake Detective had proven it and that possibly Colleen didn't know exactly what she was talking about. To which the other guy responded that he had personally spoken with the Fake Detective on the matter and that he'd found him to be a total jackass who cared more about furthering his own celebrity than ever getting to the real truth of any matter. They went back and forth for a while with the first guy posting copies of the Playboy article [forget which issue but its the one with Burt Reynolds on the cover with Gig Gangel [later a Playmate herself] dressed as a Playboy Bunny]. The second guy still went on about airbrushing and what not until I guess he really the first guy off to where the original guy no longer even responded. Which was really unfortunate because at this time a photo expert got involved in the posts and went on about how he had always thought the photo was fake but with the evidence that the first guy was now providing that he was now leaning more to believing it was a real pic of Lynda. This picked up when it was confirmed by the Wonderland website [a site ran by a guy who seems to know all about Lynda's career past and present] that Lynda had indeed been involved in Apocalypse Now in the beginning and that she actually even filmed a few scenes before the typhoon had forced a seize in production. She had then began work on Wonder Woman and bowed out of the film in order to complete the first season of her new series. Herein then are the two pics that were to be and were used as the mock centerfolds for the character in question. One of Lynda and one of Colleen Camp who ended up playing the character. Following that is the last post by the second guy who now believes the Lynda Carter picture is indeed genuine and his reasons on coming to that decision. As he said, we may never know the real truth but as the photo expert had said, it seems that perhaps a case of misleading circumstances has led to the occasion of hiding a topless picture of a true goddess directly right in front of all of us.

Apologies to the other forum as well as the poster for any infringement as I'm merely trying to help prove the fact of the authenticity of this great pic of one of the loveliest ladies to ever walk this planet. Or any other for that matter.

"After reviewing the photos side-by-side and reading the articles, several things are now clear to me:

1-These are NOT the same photographs. The posing of Colleen and Lynda, while similar, is not exact, and I'm not sure that even high-quality professional airbrushing could be responsible for all of the minute but significant differences in body style, posture and lighting.

2-Although the jacket appears to be the same in each photo, the jeans are not. Look closely at the belt loops and trimming and you'll see what I mean.

3-These two photos seem to have been taken in the same studio. Look at the bottom right of each photo and you'll notice the same chair. At first glance it looks like peg-board or the cover to an old 1970's style stereo speaker, but my family used to have a set of chairs back in the early-mid 1970s (same time frame as these photos) with woven rattan-style backs inside slightly curving wood frames. Look at the bottom extreme right of the Lynda photo and you can see that the top of the chair back is curving upward slightly to its left as it would meet the other side of the frame at a high point in the middle (out of the picture frame). Also you can see the top right corner of the chair back contrasted against the lighter color of the photog backdrop, just to left of where the left-hand side of Lynda's jacket hangs behind the chair back. Look at the Colleen photo carefully and you can just make out the exact same top right corner of the chair back; there isn't as much of the chair in the Colleen photo so it's not quite as visible, but it's the same chair.

Conclusion: The two photos were taken in the same studio and probably within 6 months of each other. Assuming the Lynda photo is real for the moment, why would they want the exact same style of centerfold shot using the same jacket top, background, and pose style for the Camp photo? The answer might be as simple as the head of the art department on Apocalypse Now telling the photographer that he wanted the "same type" of photo for Colleen as he had previously done with Lynda. The photog obliges, perhaps not knowing how close to the original the new one should be therefore making it extremely similar.

But there's another, and much more plausible reason why the two photos were done almost exactly the same. Recall that in Apocalypse Now Redux, Chef (Frederic Forrest) eventually gets together with Colleen Camp's Playmate character and tries to pose her in the same manner as she appears in the centerfold which is his favorite of all time. With this scene still in the script it would be necessary to have the "new" Colleen Camp mock centerfold (which is seen in much more detail on camera in Redux than in the theatrical release version of the film) look as much like the previous one with Lynda because of that scene. Whoever played the Playmate had to have been wearing the same kind of clothes, posing in the same way and shot in the same light because Chef's attempt to pose her in that centerfold pose is in the script; it's easier to keep the same look of a prop than re-write the script to suit a different looking mock centerfold. It might sound silly or far-fetched but it's the most plausible reason I can think of as to why the photo styles are almost identical. Any changes, no matter how minute, can cost big $$ when shooting a major motion picture. Had the Colleen Camp centerfold shot been done differently with different clothes, etc., all of those changes would had to have been written into the script and new wardrobe--requiring new fittings, etc.--would had to have been purchased. Colleen was probably selected in part because she fit into the clothes they already had or at least they could be altered easily since she is physically similar to Lynda.

It's also possible that these mock centerfolds were shot in the Philippines where most of the film was shot which might also explain why the photog has never been identified; he--or she--may have been some "hack" who didn't retain any rights or authorship to the photo which would also save the filmmakers money since I believe the credited author of a photo would receive royalties or residuals for its repeated use. Laws regarding the credit and use of such material were probably different in the Philippines than the USA (which may have something to do with the photo's limited distribution) and the cost of the photoshoots were probably lower as well. It's also possible that the two photos were simply shot by the art department on the film and therefore no individual credit for the photos were assigned since the photo was never intended for publication; it may have simply been one of numerous tasks performed by the art department--always named in a film's closing credits anyway--as part of their regular job.

There's more to say, but I think I've made my point. I'm now more convinced than ever before that the photo is possibly genuine (and remember that I'm the guy who's been arguing the other way all this time). All that remains now is for some truly "hard" evidence to surface such as the identity of the photog (unlikely) or some other confirmation from Lynda or members of the Apocalypse Now production team."

Perhaps the real truth will never surface. But one thing's for sure...they aren't the same photograph. And given all the facts of Lynda being on the film at the begining and already filming [by which case the mock up photo would have most likely already been taken] then I have no doubts that this is a one time event sent from the heavens and thank God that typhoon didn't destroy all of the copies.

LYNDA CARTER = BEAUTY that should be worshipped by EVERY man.

[On a side note: I've found a new treasure trove of Lynda pics including pics from Wonder Woman, Partners In Crime and other stuff as well as some nice vidcaps. So expect to be seeing more of the wondrous beauty here at lazygirls in the near future. Now, if only the outtakes from that mock centerfold shoot would surface, hhhmmmm....]

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9 years ago

lynda carter

outstanding post Carey, thanks!
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9 years ago

Fake or not?

I still like it