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8 years ago

Playboy's Shannon Stewart! :))

Here is a picture of the June 2000 Playboy Playmate Shannon Stewart. Shannon is the Baton Rouge, LA model born in the late 1970s. Therefore, do not confuse her with the the model of the same name. That other one was born in the mid 1980s who is a high fashion model and beauty pageant contestant born in Franklin, Ohio.

Shannon is so very hot in this picture!



My Baton Rouge friend here, this Shannon, is the only model to ever get me banned from a website... Her own!!

A bit of background, in 2004 Shannon had a baby girl and she pretty much left her website unprotected with no updates being done for over a year and a half, nearly two years...

When her site was up, unauthorized users, unbeknownst to me, had a field day as they took one of my usernames and its pass from off a password sharing site, and took gigabytes of pictures and vids from her site.

Anyway, I found out much later from ccBill.com that she personally had me banned from her website. Shannon even went as far as blaming me for the leak as everyone was taking her stuff from off the site with my data. Oh well. No hard feelings Sweetie!! ... LOL!!!

Shannon you are a fox!! And I still love ya regardless.