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6 years ago

Vanessa first nude scene in Spring Breakers (no pics)

vb3 said

buffalosabre31291 said

sju said

I don't wanna be 'that guy' who posts about rumors but according to mr skin:
This link has been removed because the domain is not on our white list.

Vanessa is seen skinny dipping showing t & a! This is the first I'm hearing about all this so sorry if this thread is a double.. But I had to spread the love

it has already been reported non of the stars get nude in the movie

Others who saw the premier said differently. It's a nighttime skinny dipping scene, so it's possible the scene is on the dark side and the other reviewer simply didn't notice it.

Do you really believe everything you read online? How do you not notice a skinny dipping scene? Also if it was too dark to notice any nudity SHE WASN'T NAKED.
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