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4 years ago

The First Lady of Wrestling, including her TV debut

These pictures are from her surprise WWE debut, on the 8/24/85 (taped 7/30/85) episode of "WWF Championship Wrestling" at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. The storyline was that all of the heel managers (Freddie Blassie, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Mr. Fuji and Johnny V) were all trying to sign Savage. Savage won a squash and then introduced his manager, though her name was not revealed on the show. When she walked out, commentator Bruno Sammartino asked, "What is this, some movie star, who is this?" Freddie Blassie is in the background of the fourth picture, Hart and Johnny V in the fifth.

This is from Randy and Elizabeth's storyline "wedding" at WWE SummerSlam 91. Randy Poffo and Elizabeth Hulette had actually gotten married in December 1984.

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