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17 days ago

A whim of the moment Who's Hotter? poll.

A whim of the moment Who's Hotter? poll.
AJ Michalka
37.50% [ 9 ]
Hayley Orrantia
62.50% [ 15 ] Your Vote
Total Votes : 24

I don't watch much TV besides sports & news, but this year I did discover "The Goldbergs" (on ABC in USA) & I'm a big fan. Been watching old seasons on my Roku as well. I like the writing, I like how all the plots are tied to real-life memories captured on video by the writer, but most of all, I like the girls.
I was HS Class of 1990, so the show has a high nostalgic value for me, and these girls take me back to the girls I lusted for back then. I love the hair & the clothes. Heck, even the Mom's kinda hot LOL. Big hair=Big dreams.

"Those soft and fuzzy sweaters...
Too magical to touch." - 'Centerfold' -J. Geils Band (1981)

In your opinion, who's hotter?


or Hayley?

Thanks for voting, and have a great day everyone!

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