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18 days ago

New Girl: Camila Coelho - Lanvin Show Fall Winter 2018 Paris Fashion Week 2-28-2018


Camila is from Minas Gerais and moved to the United States at age 14. She spent a few years in Pennsylvania , then settled in Boston , where she lives with her husband. She had a fascination for lipsticks, hair products and everything that surrounds the universe of beauty. Because of that, she decided to take a makeup course, and then went to work at Dior , at Macy's , and also served clients at home, such as brides and bridesmaids. In 2010, after discovering the channel of the American maquilladora Kandee Johnson in Youtube , decided to open its own channel. A year later, in April 2011, she opened her blog titled Super Vaidosa , and after only six months, Camila left work to dedicate herself to him. Soon, virtual stores began sending their products to the blogger, who tested the makeup or wore the clothes, who then posted pictures or video about her opinion. The blog became her business, being run by her along with her husband. With the success of the blog and the channel the makeup artist has been printing magazine covers and being asked to be the image of several brands such as Le Postiche , Natura , Riachuelo , among others.

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