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3 months ago

One man's 2 cents worth...

Hello to any/all who may click on this thread & read!

As a small token of my appreciation for reading this, here is my latest up: Madison Pettis. My God, She is breathtaking.

There's something I'd like to comment on that's significantly diminished my enjoyment of this site.
Maybe it's not politically correct, but I suppose I'm honest to a fault, so let the chips fall where they may. Perhaps this thread will be deleted, who knows? Either way I feel good about getting something out that's bothered me for a very long time.

No, it has nothing to do with this site Lazygirls and how it's operated!

Rather, how the dwindling community has led to the even further rise of the monster that consumes all in its' path.
Ten billion images posted, ten billion forum threads, ten billion forum comments, ten billion nominations. And it's still not enough.
Monster of consumption. Devouring all in its' path.
More. More. More. More.

I took a long hiatus from this community. Eventually, I missed seeing the new images, I missed the interest I used to have in following celebs I admire on social media. So I came back. With a completely different mindset. Free of the baggage of the past. If I was critical of anyone, anyone at all, ever, I apologize.
I knew before I came back that things are much more low-key, laid-back, & a bit slower moving here nowadays. No problem.
I enjoy sharing social media pics of a small list of personalities I admire, & as far as the bigger celebs I crush on, the Selenas, the Arianas, the Kylies of the world are well covered here by others & I appreciate your posting efforts.

To my point... I also add a select few of new personalities that interest me, & if they interest you too, awesome. If not, that's fine too.
I recently added a young lady who is really on the rise in the music world. I love her, in a very short time they've gone from unknown to winning a Grammy Award & releasing a chart-topping album. I noticed that someone posted event pics of her. I already knew the name before I clicked on the pics. I couldn't even find this person listed in the small list of fans.

The etiquette rule here has always been early bird gets the worm as long as you check to see no one beat you to it.
I totally agree. But I gotta be honest, I made me feel so dejected. I thought can I not have ANYTHING that's kinda "my thing?" I only thought this because of who posted the pics. If it had been ANYONE else, the thought would've never crossed my mind.

Good bye to my 2 LG buds. You're good guys. Much respect.

To the Monster Of Consumption, I say,
Is it an addiction? An impulse problem? I notice your mark is on virtually everything posted on this site: Comments on almost every thread, posting images of 100s if not 1000s of different celebs, burying every contest/game thread in dozens of comments, almost always not reading the rules of or simply choosing to ignore them, You post photos to incorrect folders even when publicly being made aware that you're doing so, you continue to do so. Reading and following the established norms are just a minor inconvenience that you swat away like a pesky fly. Will it ever be enough to satisfy your appetite?
Sadly, I think not. In my opinion, you'll never change. It would've happened by now. You've always stated in the past you "mean well" & that you're not a "bad guy." On those points, I totally agree. But at some point, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck, looks like a duck...It's a duck.
At least in the past you were somewhat kept in check by incorrect folder posting/doubles/misplaced comments/nominations that don't follow the rules deletions. 1000s of deletions. Not once did you notice or ask why.

It feels like you're a bloated monster consuming everything and all in your path, as well as stealing crumbs from and squashing every little guy along the way.
I can't stop you from leaving a reply, which you probably will if you happen to read this thread as you seem to leave your mark on every bit added to this site, but I'm not interested in what YOU have to say, only others. I've heard your hollow excuses, claims of ignorance & generally ridiculous self-justifications far too many times before. The hardest part to stomach about those past claims was how often they were completely unsolicited. I don't know what makes you do what you do. All I know is I don't want to be where you anymore.

It feels like you are sucking the oxygen out of the room.

And I can't breathe here anymore.

"They had come to claim the Emerald.
Without it they could not leave."

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3 months ago

One man's 2 cents worth...

I resonate with all of this...

my gripe is when you spend all your efforts keeping a folder up-to-date, then suddenly there's doubles spewed all over it.

Celebmafia started posting "Social Media" pics rather than just paparazzi- which is redundant, and about 90% of my uploads. When someone echoes these onto a folder here-most likely these pics are already uploaded- AND with proper labeling.

I hate having to dig back 6-7 pages to find the original, that I posted, because someone doesn't care to check before uploading.

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3 months ago

One man's 2 cents worth...

For the record-
I stopped posting the day Emerald and Darkhorse posted their comments.
You now have a board that is over a month old. Kind of sad.
Am I perfect?
Of course not.
The doubles problem was around long before me.
Did I make mistakes.....YES!
But I did keep things moving.
You now have less than a handful of truly active posters.
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2 months ago

One man's 2 cents worth...

Bandit is right
Who cares if there is a double or 2. The internet isn’t going to overfill.

All I know is there ain’t no “chic pics” when I check for updates daily! And it’s somebodys fault.

Thank you whoever posted all the time.

At this point could give $1 for an update per day and you’d only pay $2 / day.